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Searching for underscores with LIKE

I got caught out by a Gotcha which has caught me out many times and hopefully wont again ( but it will). I was looking for a specific piece of text within a sql module in a Database, simple right! … Continue reading

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Recursive XML branches

One of the main features of XML is that it handles hierarchical data structures.  I agree that so does SQL either using the hierarchy variable or creating a Recursive CTE.  but nothing compares to the simplicity  of the XML format … Continue reading

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Enforcing XML Document Structure

by default the xml variable supports a content structure of xml this is very useful if you are constructing an xml blob.  It works for typed and untyped code, and it has it’s place. The following code shows an xml … Continue reading

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Schema visibility using xml_schema_namespace

One of the issues I’ve faced is the constant referencing and rereferencing of XML Schemas that are stored against a database.  the xml_schema_namespace dmv helps with this.  it takes 2 parameters.  the schema of the database object XML Schema and … Continue reading

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modifying data in XML a really clunky solution. (no I mean REALLY Clunky)

If you are trying to replace the value of an element that does not exist if can be problematic, i have not found a nice way to do this, if any one does please let me know. So to get … Continue reading

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Schema validation using Reg Ex

One of the most powerful tools that XML in SQL Server brings to the table is Regular expresions. In XML Schemas Regular Expressions are an easy method to validate your data without having to bolt on complex CLR functions to … Continue reading

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XML .value simple syntax

There are several ways to get .value to extract an item of information from xml.  in the following article I will show some of the syntax and reasons why some methods are better than others. All the calls in this … Continue reading

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