Enforcing XML Document Structure

by default the xml variable supports a content structure of xml this is very useful if you are constructing an xml blob.  It works for typed and untyped code, and it has it’s place.

The following code shows an xml query that would work if the data passed the schema checks.

Content XML Query

This query should pass

Though the following query manadates the need for a single root node and would fail.

document xml image

this query will fail

in the case where you are processing data and you have the data laid out in a schema you might want to constrain the incoming information to a single document.  If two xml blobs are passed in to be processed but both blobs meet the schema criteria your dataload may fail.  or worse it could pass correctly, without warning you of issues.

The code below would pass as it fulfils the schema matching requirement and also has a single root node.

this query will pass

A very simple solution to what could be a awkward fix after the fact.

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