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Setting up a big query service account.

I have several posts I am working on for the future that will require big query service account keys. So rather than repeating this in the posts this will give the posts a reference to what to do. First setup … Continue reading

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Subqueries for XML blobs without self-referencing

One of the issues I see several times within SQL Server is people creating SQL Subqueries that reference the parent query so that an XML blob can be created. In this example The simple table query returns the table contents … Continue reading

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Auditing Your Database Changes

SQL Server can capture Database level Trigger information using XML.  I personally use this on my home PC’s because I’m poor and can’t afford one of those amazing DB Source control products that are out there on the market. I’m … Continue reading

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Recursive XML branches

One of the main features of XML is that it handles hierarchical data structures.  I agree that so does SQL either using the hierarchy variable or creating a Recursive CTE.  but nothing compares to the simplicity  of the XML format … Continue reading

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Reducing size of a nonclustered index with Filtering

SQL Server 2008 has a very nice new feature that enables a partial index to be created based on a specific where clause. I have recently used this as an solution checking a table that contained an isSent flag. by creating a … Continue reading

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