being silly with spatial data

Okay, a fun post with no educational value (sort of). My Adopted Twin, also a Database geek, has been under the weather recently so to cheer her up I have been playing with spatial data, under her orders to create this game. After reading Purple Frogs spatial data blog ( I’ve created a simple game for her.

It is basically Rock, Paper, Scissors however I added the “famous” Big Bang Theory version ‘Lizzard’, ‘Spock’ to it as well ( and just when you thought it couldn’t get geekier).

So the break down of it is a random number generator that creates a number between 0 and 2 (or 4 with RPSLS) inclusive and then a vector line art pattern based on the selected number is created in to the Table variable and finally the selected picture is shown in the spatial tab.


(created as a doc file but should be opened up in SQL Server)


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2 Responses to being silly with spatial data

  1. Paul says:

    That is so cool.
    (I guess that makes me a geek!)

  2. ali says:

    Very funny! Thanks for saharing

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